RangeVision Spectrum 3D scanner with TS turntable

  • Brand: RangeVision
Price: 11 810,00 лв.
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RangeVision Spectrum is a new a multi-purpose high-resolution 3D scanner based on the safe-to-use structured light technology. It is designed for scanning small, medium, and larger objects - from jewelry to large automobiles, with accuracy up to 0,04 mm and 3D resolution up to 0,06 mm. It is an ideal device for creating accurate visualization of objects with a complex shape, as well as scanning objects of different sizes simply by changing the scanner’s field of view.

The RangeVision Spectrum 3D scanner has three fields of view and is equipped with 3.1 Mpix industrial color cameras. It captures complex geometry, flat and long objects, as well as small details with constantly high 3D resolution while keeping the accuracy up to 0.4 mm.

The price includes an automatic turntable TS (20cm diameter, up to 20kg)


Key features:

  • Capturing of the finest details and curved surface
  • Possibility to scan complex shapes and  different-sized objects
  • Provides highly detailed scans of any type of object, nevertheless its size
  • It comes with a multipurpose 3D scanning software RangeVision ScanCenter with free updates
  • Three scanning modes for digitization of objects of any size and shape: Scanning with markers, Scanning with an automatic turntable or Free scan


Spectrum is a 3-in-one device. It is a perfect solution for companies that specialize in 3D scanning services, reverse engineering, product design, rapid prototyping, car tuning, industrial design, education, or production of all kinds of small or medium-sized objects (souvenirs and decor manufacturing).

With pre-order only. Delivery time: 3 weeks.
The price does not include transport costs.

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3D resolution, up to
0.26 - 0.72 mm
3D point accuracy, up to
0.12 - 0.4 mm
Working distance
0.3 - 1 m
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