About us

B2N is the leading company in import and distribution of 3D printing technologies in Bulgaria and on the Balkans. The company is the official representor and distributor of Ultimaker, Formlabs, MarkForged, BigRep, 3ntr, Artec Group, solidThinking and other high quality manufacturers from the industry of 3D printing.


Back in 2014 the founders of the company created the first of its kind in Bulgaria showroom and online store entirely dedicated to 3D equipment and solutions through 3D printing, 3D digitization and 3D modeling.


Currently B2N manages two showrooms - one in Sofia and one in Plovdiv, as well as a network of local dealers in Greece, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Cyprus, where one can find the best quality 3D printers, scanners, software, consumables and spare parts.


The company consults a number of various enterprises in the adequate implementation of 3D equipment in the fields of art, design, prototyping, engineering, education and research and development. The high-tech solutions B2N offers are successfully used in a wide range of industries - starting from medicine and dental care, through food and education to automotive one.


Besides supply and installation of equipment B2N offers a variety of trainings in modeling, printing and application of additive manufacturing which contribute tremendously to the successful development of any company looking forward to the fourth industrial revolution.


Who are our clients?