Maintenance Kit Ultimaker 3 Family

  • Brand: Ultimaker
Price: 444,53 лв.
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The Maintenance kit contains the most commonly used parts for maintenance or replacement on the Ultimaker 3 or Ultimaker 3 Extended. The kit can be purchased in addition to your Ultimaker and can be used as an overall maintenance kit or as a backup spare part kit.

What is included?

- Bowden tube (2x)

XY calibration sheet

Calibration card

- Glass plate

- Hex screwdriver 2.0

- Silicone nozzle cover (5x)

- Clamp clip (4x)

- Tube coupling collet (4x)

- Build plate clamp (2x)

- Silicone nozzle ring (10x)

- Cleaning filament

- Axial fan

- Radial fan (2x)